Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Design 1235 - New Horizons Class

The New Horizons Class was developed for and built by Ray Greene & Company of Toledo, Ohio. The boat was introduced in 1961 as a family oriented fiberglass production model. 175 boats were built during the production run. Interestingly the material from the shipyard states that the boat was available in any stage of construction: complete boat, semi-completed or bare hull and deck.

I include the following advertisement for Universal Atomic marine engines in that it includes a decent sailing image of the New Horizon.

Here are the sail and arrangement plans.

And the construction plan.

Principal Dimensions
LOA 25'-3"
LWL 21'-3"
Beam 7'-9"
Draft 3'-0" (board up) 5'-3" (board down)
Displacement 6,030 lbs
Ballast 1,600 lbs
Sail Area 324 sq ft


  1. My great uncle, Paul Bowers, was a prominent Lake Erie yachtsman, a resident of Toledo, Ohio, and a friend of Ray Greene, one of the pioneers of fiberglass boatbuilding. I clearly recall being in Greene's plant at the age of seven or so--that would have been 1954--and he and my uncle showing me fiberglass cloth, then separately, resin, and walking me over to a finished hull, tapping it and saying, "See? Together (their properties) are completely different!" I can still remember Greene's enthusiasm for the material, even when explaining its properties to a child. It really did look like--in the famous words of LFH--"frozen snot." Greene was producing a 16 foot sloop called Rebel which, to my seven-year-old critical eye, was no match for the sleek Comets at the club with their varnished cedar decks and arc-bottom hulls.

    It was several years later--I was thirteen or fourteen--when the three of us were at the Maumee River Yacht Club aboard Greene's newest offering, the 26' New Horizons sloop. Again, he radiated pride and enthusiasm as he demonstrated her features. I clearly recall being very inpressed with her fold-out head. The cabin was perfectly proportioned for a young teenaged boy. It was a very nice boat.

    Such a long time ago...seems like only yesterday.

    Paul J. Nolan

    1. Paul,
      I just happened to be looking at one of these NH 25 's today with restoring her in mind. I'm searching the web now for information and came across your post. Cool timing! I and the boat are in Grand Haven, MI. Thanks for your interesting post.

      Jeff Carlson