Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Design 125 - NY32 - Mustang - For Sale

Mustang was built for Harvey Conover who sold her to Rod Stephens in 1946. It was Rod's personal yacht for 32 years. Most all of the magazine articles that Rod wrote over the years were based on his experience cruising and racing in Mustang.

20 New York 32s were built by Nevins of City Island in 1936 as a one-design class for the New York Yacht Club. Quite a few are still sailing today and remain quite competitive. Mustang is obviously historically significant as it was Rod's personal boat.

The boat has been very well cared for and is currently for sale. Click here to see the listing.

Here are the plans.

Here's a typical "How-To" image of Rod showing how to put a reef in the main aboard Mustang.

And a couple of interior shots.

Main Salon (Looking Fwd)

Owner's Stateroom

Principal Dimensions
LOA 45'-4"
LWL 32'-0"
Beam 10'-7"
Draft 6'-6"
Displacement 24,250 lbs
Ballast 9,400 lbs
Sail Area 950 sq ft


  1. Grew up sailing a NY32 out of Travers Island NY, NYAC. Minnefords in City Island saw to her needs while Valentine sails took care of all canvas. Sailed from May to October all through the 60's,70's and early 80's. She was named The 12th of Never. Great boat she was. Have owned and sailed many others designs since and none of those compared or even came close to how she would track and power up in stiff wind. A real sailors sailboat. Cheers!

  2. Back in mid !950's my father sold his 35' S&S Weekender and purchased
    from Henry Taylor his NY 32 # 10 at Knutson's Yard Huntington, NY.
    James F. Murray then chaged the yacht's name to the Flying Tartan we sailed and raced her as I recall in two Bermuda races, 1962 , 1964 or 1966 sailing out of Shelter Island #SIYC. She was yawl rigged. Dad later
    sold the boat to a Ray and Millie Kaulman out of Roslyn, NY where he lost
    the mizzen and rudder in one of the races and later modified the rudder but
    did not replace the mizzen mast. I raced the boat with Ray then entered the Navy during the Vietnam era and lost tract of the boat. I think she is
    still sailing the Western end of Long Island Sound. She was fast and wet.
    By: J. Scott Murray

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