Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Design 1254 - White Caps

This nice looking yawl was built by Paul Molich of Denmark and launched in 1957. She is clearly reminiscent of the Loki type yawls. She is a departure from the centerboard trend of the period.

Here is an image of her sister, built by American marine in Hong Kong and launched in 1960. The boat is called Reverie. The boats have very slight differences in their layout and are built of different woods.

And her builder's plaque.

Here are the plans.

Principal Dimensions
LOA 40'-5"
LWL 27'-10"
Beam 10'-11"
Draft 5'-9"
Displacement 18,230 lbs
Ballast 6,500 lbs (outside) 300 lbs (inside)
Sail Area 783 sq ft


  1. Roland Lennox-KingApril 19, 2012 at 6:03 AM

    Reverie was a very well-known boat in Asia and her history is recorded in the RHKYC records. She won the first China Sea Race, 2nd in the second, 3rd n the third, 4th in the fourth, and broke her mizzenmast in the fifth China Sea Race. She was a beautifully kept boat, built almost entirely of teak, and we sailed her from Hong Kong to England up the Red Sea in 1990-1991. She has had several owners since then. Roland Lennox-King

    1. Hello Roland,

      My name is Dan Eliasson and I am the current owner of Reverie. The yacht is now moored in the centre of Stockholm and still in very sound condition thanks to the very durable materials she is built from.

      I read about your trip to England in the documentation I got with the boat and it must have been a fantastic adventure. I hope me and my family can embark on something similar in a few years time.

      It would be very nice to get in contact with you. My mail is daneliasson@hotmail.com.

      Dan Eliasson

    2. Dear all, Roland, Dominic and Dan,

      I just stumbled on your comments on Reverie. I am still a bit sad about having to sell Reverie. But I am very glad that I got a good and enthusiastic buyer in Dan Eliasson. I bought her from Dominic and had a number of good years with her. She got some new frames, some new boards in the hull, all affected by the bronse cross bracing, which obviously led to electrolytic activity. New sails, water system heater, new interior in the head and overhaul of the engine, together with renewal of some of the rigging during my time. She is really a wonderful boat.

      I also had the opportunity to meet with the first owner's daughter, Ann, who now lives in Stockholm, but lived in Hong Kong as a Young girl and sailed Reverie almost every weekend with her father. I did get some old photos from that time, which Dan now have.

      All the best to you all, and if you happen to be in Stockholm don't hesitate to inform me, so we can go and see her.

      Lars Strömberg (the ex. Vattenfall guy mentioned above.)

    3. Jose Carlos LodoviciMay 25, 2015 at 11:19 PM

      Here in Brazil were built two boats, one of them called 'Curussá ', by order of Rudolf Göller, an industrialist of the branch of the plastic. The construction was entrusted to Domingos Stipanich, a famous shipbuilder of Santos, and was made with sawn frames in Cabreuva (Santos Mahogany), rather than bent frames, as the original design. In consultation made to the S&S office Stephens answered that could be used sawn frames since Brazil was plenty of woods (at that time), and the final weight difference of the boat would be little expressive.

  2. It is nice to see the comment from Roland Lennox-King, who wa so helpful to me with her history when I owned Reverie.I bought her in August 1999, and sold her in September 2003. I sold her to a director of Vattenfall, who I believe sold her to the current owner. She was a fantastic boat to sail and I took her across to Ireland and north Brittany on various occasions. I have many photographs, if you are interested. Regards Dominic Crawley. dominic_crawley@standardandpoors.com

  3. Hello Dominic!

    Yes, I bought Reverie from the director at Vattenfall Lars Sromberg 3 years ago. He lives not far from the yard where I keep the boat during the winter season so we meet every now and then. I would very happy to see some of your photos and share some experience from this amazing yacht. I'll mail you.


    1. Dan, Dominic Crawley here. Do you still own Reverie? I come to Stockholm from time to time. It would be great to see her again. Best email contact for me is crawleydominic@gmail.com Regards Dominic

  4. Hello Dominic! I do indeed and you are most welcome to come and see us. She is now mored at Langholmen in the center of Stockholm so it is easy to come by. I mail you on the address above. Regards Dan