Thursday, April 28, 2011

Design 1648 - Mustang 17

This 17' centerboard dinghy was developed for Tidewater Boats of Annapolis, primarily as a sailing school boat. In an effort to have a safer boat for beginner sailors, the centerboard is heavily ballasted with 200 lbs of lead. This makes her less susceptible to capsize. It's a clever design wherein the board will always remain extended when capsized (which reportedly makes her "self righting") but allows the board to spring up if it strikes an object such as the bottom.

Here are the plans.

Here's a brief article from Popular Boating magazine from 1965.

And the brochure.

Principal Dimensions
LOA 17'-0"
LWL 15'-6"
Beam 6'-6"
Draft 5'-0" (board down)
Weight 800 lbs
Sail Area 170 sq ft (100% fore triangle) 209 sq ft (genoa)

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  1. Anyone know where I can find the hull identification number on our 17' Mustang?