Saturday, April 23, 2011

Design 1711 - Jandy

Jandy was designed and built in the winter of 1962 and launched in the spring of 1963. Her builder was the Vic Franks Boat Company of Seattle, Washington. She is constructed of Alaskan cedar over white oak framing.

Here is the general arrangement plan.

It's a very well thought out interior. Interesting to see a 2 head boat at 48' overall.

The general arrangement shown above is a fairly high resolution image so you should be able to click on it, open in another window and zoom in quite far. I will draw your attention to the somewhat unusual (at least for S&S) steering arrangement. The boat features a wheel steerer. The wheel is located between a binnacle and a helm seat on centerline. The wheel is angled aft and the wheel shaft passes through a bulkhead steerer mounted in the face of the seat bottom. At the base of the steering wheel shaft is a conventional chain sprocket and it in turn is lead to the quadrant by chain/wire. I wonder if the owner was perhaps a handicapped sailor or just requested this type of arrangement?

Principal Dimensions
LOA 48'-1"
LWL 32'-6"
Beam 12'-4"
Draft 5'-6"
Displacement 31,256 lbs
Ballast 8,500 lbs
Sail Area 1,050 sq ft


  1. This angled wheel arrangement is similar to the system on 'Fresh Breeze', where Uffa Fox used a saddle seat and enthused about it. Maybe the owner was a student of yacht design and an Uffa fan?

  2. I don't know, nor can I find anything, in a short look search, on FRESH BREEZE. But I can make a statement or two regarding the description above and the "1 Comment" left, also above.

    Some quick facts first: The LOA, LWL and Beam stated, are inaccurate. During the build, changes were made and approved by, Olin Stephens and the original owner, G.A. Prentice. A Seattle attorney and member of The Seattle Yacht Club. LOA came in just a few inches under 50' (over that with the pushpins included), the beam went to right about 12' 8/9" and draft changed to 6', in the up position of the drop keel, 12' at the down. They raised the boot line, 6”. Also, from start to splash was near two and a half years and Master yacht & shipbuilder Vic Franck’s son’s, verified his Dad stated, that JANDY was the most expensive-per-foot yacht he ever built. The build is nothing less than incredible boasting 100% fabricated bronze plate knees, shoulder points, keelson covers, adjustable mast shoe and beyond.

    The wheel, is not at an angle, but yes, does face aft, but does not shaft through any bulkheads. The center console, presents a seat at the wheel, which is mounted on a grand pedestal with gear wheel inside and a #50 roller chain to a second gear wheel in the engine room below deck with gear sprocket driving a shaft to aft, into the area just under the aft end of the cockpit (in the engine room), this, is forward of the lazarette area to a large quadrant with cable system. This enables the pilot to "feel the boat" Unlike hydraulic systems. The whole seated position for the pilot of the vessel is in the middle/center of a quite large cockpit with line lockers/seating for 8 to 10, all the way around. The original owner, was not disabled, just smart.

    Yes, there are 2 water closets. One, head and basin only (aft) off the main salon to Starboard, the other, forward with full head, shower, basin, locker under and linen to Port under deck. JANDY is a beautiful design and rated number one of the top five world class blue water designs by John Rousminere and Olin Stephens and is also the base design Ted Hood used for his personal boat build (an S&S one off).

    Over her life, a minor change was made to the main salon, by Vic Franck Boat - NOT "Frank" as stated above. The Port side upper bunk was removed and a back rest with stowage and bookshelf top was installed by the second owner. This was removed (I didn’t like the change in design) and replaced back to original, with the upper bunk, carrying a SS piano hinge, to enable a swing up and enlarge the salon settee area. No other changes were ever made to JANDY nor will be. (but a new YANMAR 51 HP diesel was installed) The physical condition of JANDY is near perfect and appears below deck boards fore and aft, and in the lazerette, as if to have been built, A YEAR AGO. She had always been maintained by Vic Franck Boat and has NEVER seen a DROP of oil in her bilge. Clean, yellow and nice, stem to stern.

    The build is an overwhelming site to see for anyone that knows anything about classics and all the shipwrights of Port Townsend and fellow wooden boat owner friends, all agree, JANDY is in better condition than any classic they have ever seen. JANDY has never been restored. Because there is no need to restore, anything. BUT, as we all know, the refinishing, IS ENDLESS !!!!!!!!! Check her out here: I know her pretty well - Master of Vessel, owner, live aboard, 17 years now, sv JANDY S&S 1711. JANDY is now the flagship research vessel for The Whale Research Institute. Feel free to make contact if you like. We love to discuss anything S&S Classics and/or whales . . . . . . . JR _/)_

  3. My Grandfather owned the 'Fresh Breeze' designed and sailed by Uffa Fox. It had an angled wheel arrangement towards his gambled 'horse's saddle' as apparently he was a keen rider as well as brilliant yachtsman. Dad tells me that the horse's saddle got rather smelly one summer and was jettisoned in the Bay of Biscay for their health benefit.

  4. Sorry, I meant gimbled