Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Design 1727 - More on Hinckley Pilot 35

As a follow up to my previous posting, here is the final and revised Hinckley 35 Pilot that Rod mentioned. The image above is an early iteration of this famous boat. The image below shows the trademark Hinckley windows that were developed. Note she is slightly larger than design #1219.

Here are the plans.

And finally here are a couple of images of the Chilean Pilot, design #1727-C2.

Principal Dimensions
LOA 35'-9"
LWL 25'-0"
Beam 9'-6"
Draft 5'-0"
Displacement 12,000 lbs
Sail Area 554 sq ft


  1. The Chilean Navy was licensed to be built in Chile the famous and known "Chilean Pilot". Design S&S #1727-C2. 12 of these boats were built. The first was built in 1967 and his first owner was Charles Kay, the name of first chilean pilot is Jupiter. Today she is in WI, USA. The list of Chilean Pilot is the next:

    Alvar Nuñez Cabeza de Vaca, in Yacht Club of Chile.
    Camanchaca, in the Yacht Club of Nautical Sports, Chilean Navy.
    Cruz del Sur, in the Yacht Club of Quintero
    Cygnus, in Yacht Club of Chile.
    Equinoccio, in the Yacht Club of Algarrobo.
    Karma, in the Yacht Club of Higuerillas.
    Ona, in the Yacht Club of Marina Reloncaví.
    Yagan, in the Yacht Club of Quintero.

    Blue Moon, Port Angeles, WA, USA
    Jupiter, Lake Michigan, WI, USA

    My Way, in the Yacht Club of Quintero, poor state
    Cyrano, lost and destroyed in the north of Chile.


  2. Does anyone have any details on the #1219 design Pilot ketch that was built in 1958 by Hinckley? Was this similar in performance and hull shape to the #1219 sloops that were built?