Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Design 1872 - Chimaera

I sure wish we had a better image of this boat. We pinched this one out of a magazine article and it just doesn't do the boat justice. Based on the plans the boat must be gorgeous. She was built by Driscoll Custom Boats of San Diego, California and launched in 1967.

The boat is constructed of a laminated oak backbone and steam bent oak frames and planked with mahogany. She is designed to the C.C.A. rule and has a successful race record.

The boat has a very generous sailplan based on condition found in her home sailing grounds. She has a very large galley and navigation area but a fairly small aft stateroom as a result. The peak is used strictly for sail storage.

Here are the plans.

Principal Dimensions
LOA 46'-10"
LWL 32'-7"
Beam 11'-2"
Draft 6'-11"
Displacement 23,033 lbs
Ballast 11,600 lbs
Sail Area 940 sqft


  1. Hi, Bruce:

    Just commented on Agena, but looked this one up, as I remember seeing the boat under construction at Driscoll's, ca 1968. This boat inspired me to become a boatbuilder, for a while, anyway!

    I think this one of the prettiest boats ever! Many years later, I saw Chimaera at Driscoll's, and invited aboard by the owner. She was in beautiful shape. He had made a modification to the companionway, so it was from the cockpit rather than the middle of the deckhouse.

    I have the plans from old "Skipper" magazine (2 pages) in a file. Wish I had taken pictures.


    Jeff Wightman, e-mail:

  2. Chimera (note correct spelling) was built for Fred Liebhardt, a prominent San Diego architect, and sailed out of San Diego YC. For years I was on her racing crew, sometimes as watch captain. Heck, I even fell overboard from her once, rounding the Coronado Islands.

    She was every bit as beautiful as she looks in lines, and immaculately maintained. In those days we raced to the CCA rule, and Chimera did extremely well under that rule. She was the epitome of a true cruiser-racer, beautifully-finished and comfortable.

    Maybe my favorite of all the boats I've sailed on.

    Robt. Ward,

    1. And, oh yeah, she was 46 feet long with TILLER steering :-)