Thursday, April 7, 2011

Design 2084 - Amazon

Amazon was built by the famous Camper & Nicholsons, Ltd. shipyard of Southampton, England. The year was 1971. She is designed as an I.O.R. racing yacht but her use of steel as a construction material makes her a heavy boat. The use of steel is somewhat unusually for the period (and what was in vogue at the time) but her resultant rating should have leveled the playing field somewhat. I would assume steel was used for cost savings.

Note her displacement of 105,000 lbs as listed below versus other 72-73'ers such as Baruna (built of wood) at 88,000 lbs and Kialoa II (built of aluminum) at 94,000 lbs.

The positive result of this big volume is an extremely commodious and comfortable boat.

Here are the plans.

The Lines are just so nice I thought I would include them. I will draw your attention to how nicely balanced the shape looks fore and aft.

Principal Dimensions
LOA 73'-1"
LWL 57'-0"
Beam 18'-0"
Draft 10'-6"
Displacement 105,132 lbs
Ballast 35,000 lbs
Sail Area 2,430 sq ft


  1. Amazon has been beautifully restored and is now participating to classic races in Europe with very good successes

  2. She ran aground just shy of Montauk, was pulled off the beach and repaired by Bob Derektor. I sailed on her in the summer of '80 including the Bermuda Race. A wonderful boat, especially close reaching in heavy air at 14-15 knots. She chartered for a while. Glad to hear she and her Corten steel hull are going strong.

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  4. Our family shipyard did the major refit in 1991-1992. Most of the wooden deck was replaced, and practically all of the interior as well, with fielded panelling in Mahogany. The systems and electrics also were renewed, and most of the plumbing. Masts, booms and rigging was still in acceptable condition, and only required some minimal repairs.

    She left our yard in mint shape, wish I could get some good photo's of her one day.

    Michael Bakker