Thursday, April 7, 2011

Design 2098 - S&S 30

Here's a 1/2-tonner design that was very well utilized. The boat was designed and built in aluminum, fiberglass and wood in various places around the world. The boat shown above and below was built in Japan. Others include the PJ (Palmer Johnson) 30, the She D30 (South Hants Marine, England), the Sagitta 30 (Denmark) and custom one-offs. The model eventually became the Northstar 1000 with a completely different cruising deckhouse.

Here are the plans.

Here are a few interior images of the Japanese boat.

This image shows the well organized cockpit layout.

And finally check out this nice pulpit detail where the genoa sheets through the gap.

You can see it in this image.

Principal Characteristics
LOA 29'-11"
LWL 22'-6"
Beam 9'-6"
Draft 5'-3"
Displacement 7,199 lbs
Ballast 2,620 lbs
Sail Area 390 sq ft


  1. You could pick up a nice Lightning for the price of those winches. On a 30 footer???

    The IOR was great for designers, builders and sailmakers. Owners? Probably not so much.


  2. Has anyone got any more info on the she d30 model.

  3. I have on that was built in Canada. I would like to know if there are any in the uk. I have read as much as I can find about SHEA online but it doesn't really tell me much.


  4. I just purchased one of the Japanese-made ones here in Tokyo. Very excited to restore her! Any more pictures or plans you could share would be much appreciated! You can follow along with the restoration progress on my blog here:

  5. I think these were built in Australia with a conventional coach house and cockpit and were known as an S&S Defiance 30. Built by Savage.

    1. The Defiance moulds were taken over by Austral yachts in South Australia
      It was sold as the Austral 30 with fixed keel and a swing keel option

  6. A classic design, it was produced in australia up to 2006
    Early build boats were sold as the Defiance 30 after 1990 it was manufactured and sold as the Austral 30 in both fixed keel and swing keel variants
    Austral yachts was one of the last Australian boat manufacturers after the socialist/communist government decided to eliminate all manufacturing in 2008 and turn australia into a green agrarian state