Thursday, April 7, 2011

Design 2253 - Tartan 37

The Tartan 37 was introduced in 1976 and was produced until 1989. They were well built boats that came at a reasonable price tag and offered modern styling and good performance and was offered in three different keel configurations: deep, shoal "Scheel keel", and centerboard.

Consider this for a moment: If we compare the Tartan 37 to Finisterre (the mother of all famous centerboard boats) the T37 is 15" shorter overall, has 6" more beam, is 3,000 lbs lighter and carries 1,200 lbs more ballast. She has less sail area than Finisterre (not if we discount the mizzen on Finisterre) but it is a much higher aspect ratio (and thus more efficient) rig.

She is a great performing boat and still represents a good value on the used boat market. Approximately 450 T37s were built during the production run.

Here are the plans for the centerboard version.

Principal Dimensions
LOA 37'-3"
LWL 29'-5"
Beam 11'-9"
Draft 6'-7" (deep draft keel) 4'-7" (shoal Scheel keel)
Draft Centerboard Model 4'-2" (board up) 7'-9" (board down)
Displacement 15,500 lbs
Ballast 7,500 lbs
Sail Area 625 sq ft

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