Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Design 2147 - Bird of Passage

Here's a very interesting boat. Designed for a very experienced sailor and ex-Commodore of the New York Yacht Club, this yacht was modeled after the Dutch North Sea Trawlers. The impetus behind the design was to create a motoryacht with sail power as the auxiliary, and not the other way around. After reading a book entitled Fishing Vessels of the World, our client zeroed in on the North Sea Trawler type as the basis for his new boat.

The boat was heavily built in fiberglass by Scheel yachts of Rockland, Maine, now defunct. She is powered by a very slow turning Gardiner 6-cylinder, 127 hp engine with a 2:1 reduction gear. The result is a wheel that turns at a leisurely 750 rpm and operates at cruising speed of 7 knots on a miserly 1 gallon per hour, all the while being steadied by and the speed augmented by the sail plan. She was launched in 1974.

Here are the plans.

Here's a brief article about the boat.

Principal Dimensions
LOA 48'-5"
LWL 41'-5"
Beam 15'-4"
Draft 5'-0"
Displacement 48,500 lbs
Ballast 7,000 lbs
Sail Area 590 sq ft


  1. Here is another Bird: http://www.toan.se/synb/nybygg.htm


  2. Did a transatlantic crossing on her in the 70's from Fairhaven, MA to Cork, Ireland great sea boat and kindly. Captain at the time Viv Snow, crew Alex DeVilliers, Michael Deconinck & one other?

    1. That was a great delivery 1976. There is a chapter in Mr. Chubb's book "Who Hath Desired the Sea" of the cruise.
      The return 1978 took 16.5 days.

  3. She was owned by the C.I.A I sailed her back to Mystic Seaport from Southampton in 1987. learned a lot !!!!!!

  4. I also made trip to Ireland 1976 and stayed on board for 2 month cruise to Scotland and Norway. George (harbour pilot St. Thomas was part of delivery also. Made return delivery 1978 from Los Palmas to Peter Island.!6.5 days with Mr. Chubb,Bill Turnbull & Waldo Howland.
    Great boat & crew. Terry Burns dterryburns@seasidehighspeed.com