Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Kay - Design 2190

Two identical Kays were built by the Walsted yard of Denmark and here's how it came to be. The first Kay was launched in 1975 for Arne Frissell, a Swedish-American. At the time of her launch Rod Stephens was quoted as saying "You are now seeing the world's finest example of wooden boatbuilding today". That's a pretty strong statement.

The owner had just taken delivery and had traveled to the Mediterranean. He was lying in a port in southern France and a large car come up alongside, a man stepped out and told Mr. Frisell he would like to buy his boat. The owner stated he had just waited patiently for 14 months while Kay was built and she was not for sale to which the prospective buyer replied that he was determined to make it worth his while. An agreement was reached and she was sold on the spot. Thus Walsted began building hull #2.

Prior to construction of Kay II Walsteds asked their client if in retrospect he would like to make any changes to the design. Frissell remarked that he would not change a single thing.

Here are the plans.

Here are a couple of interior shots.

Main Salon


And finally here's a peek at her shape.

Principal Dimensions
LOA 51'-4"
LWL 37'-6"
Beam 13'-6"
Draft 7'-9"
Displacement 43,700 lbs
Ballast 19,400 lbs
Sail Area 1,135 sq ft

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