Tuesday, April 19, 2011

M36 - Design 2706

The M36 has been a very well received, with over 60 boats sold since her introduction in 2004. Not a bad production run, so far. She is the original model in the M-Series lineup.

Rather than talk up the boat, I thought I would let an owner do the talking. Here's a nice letter that was sent to Olin Stephens back in 2006 from an owner, simply complementing the work coming out of the design office:

Dear Olin, I am the proud owner of a Morris 36, hull number 007. I have named her Leannán which is Scottish Gallic for Sweetheart. And she is, indeed a sweetheart. The attached picture is of her at her mooring in front of our house in Cohasset.

Hull #7 - Leannán

My daughter and I made the voyage from Bass Harbor (Leannán had been in Northeast Harbor for some additions to her equipment during the winter) to Cohasset on Tuesday. We sailed from Bass Harbor to Boothbay Harbor for the night. Then left at 0500 on Wednesday for Cohasset. My GPS log recorded total time of 14hr, 50min; average speed of 7.5 knots, max speed of 15.7 knots. With the wind out of the Northeast, we reefed the main at 25 knots, the jib at 30 knots. The folks at the Cohasset Yacht Club said they were expecting 40-45 knots, but, I confess, I had my hands full and never saw the odometer read over 36 knots.

I have never been so impressed with a boat in my life. As the waves grew to 15 feet, she would occasionally surf the back side and at 15 knots would bury her nose in the wave in front as if to say, “take that”, then rise up, steady as can be and sail off to the next one. As we were on a broad reach, I had a lot of sail up for the wind. A few times, a wave would catch her stern and throw her sideways. She never flinched, rounded up staying straight and true, then fell off to course. The only casualties were a seat cushion that went over when a wave crested the stern and flooded the cockpit (I had the doors on and closed and the hatch secured) and my water activated life vest activated with all the rain and sea water. With the small, hand held Garmin GPS, we passed Minot’s Light (I confess I have never been so happy to see 1-4-3; I Love You) and found the south entrance to Cohasset Harbor right on the money.

My brother-in-law, Sam Wakeman (Easterner, Courageous, Intrepid) told his sister that no fool would be out in weather like that! What does he know? It was a great sail on a great boat. My wife, however, reminds me that it is a “day sailor”. She tells me I cannot get the M42 because I would want to take it on the Trans Atlantic! Not a bad idea.

Best Regards,
Owner, Hull #7

Here are the plans.

And a couple of interior shots. Images courtesy Onne van der Wal.

More information can be found on the Morris Yachts website by clicking here. Or please feel free to contact us.

Principal Dimensions
LOA 36'-1"
LWL 25'-0"
Beam 10'-1"
Draft (Three keel drafts available) 4'-6", 5'-3" and 6'-6"
Displacement 8,900 lbs
Sail Area 558 sq ft

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