Monday, April 4, 2011

Pond Yacht - Anne

This 58" pond yacht was commissioned and built by Phil Hale of Martha's Vineyard Shipyard. He's a very experienced model builder and it shows. The model is inspired by design #2721, sailing yacht Anna, but with a yawl rig. It's operated by remote controls for sail trim and steering. Phil is currently building a 72" radio controlled model to our design. More about that one once she launches.

Principal Dimensions
LOA 58"
LWL 45"
Beam 16.5"
Draft 14"
Displacement 43.5 lbs


  1. Wonderful Yacht Model !!!!! Must be wonderful to experience her in her element!!!! Nice Work !!!

  2. Actually
    Designs #7 and #27 were the inspiration . Larger sister 72 Inches will be sailing in the late summer .
    Phil Hale

  3. As a kid - almost 50 years ago - I found a pond boat with similar demensions under the tree. She was made of glass and had a self steering spring loaded tiller connected to the main sheet. I still have the boat but lost the prochure that came with it. I believe she was designed and sponsored by S&S as a scale model of Columbia. She sailed well and nearly lost her over the horizon while chasing in a dingy. Any info would be greatly appreciatated.

  4. Pond Boat for Sale
    This is a model of a knockabout schooner, a working fishing vessel used for dory fishing during the late 1800’s to mid-1900’s. The model follows the lines of the “Adventure”, a restored schooner currently sailing out of Gloucester, Massachusetts.
    The model is 61 inches in length, with a beam of 19 inches, and stands 60 inches tall. It appears to be have been handmade (not a kit) in the late 1930’s-1940’s in a scale of ½ inch = 1 foot, which approximates the dimensions of the “Adventure”. As this is a handmade model and intended for the water, some liberties were taken to allow transportation and quick rigging. Additionally, some parts are representative, and not to scale.
    All of the boat parts are original including the sails. When I received the boat, it was missing the running rigging. The standing rigging was improvised by a previous owner out of picture wire that was totally unusable. Both were replaced with new standing and running rigging lines. A mahogany stand was recently built to assist in installing the standing and running rigging and for display.
    This is a well constructed model that would be at home on the water or on display.
    If interested, please contact Jim at