Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Design 2040 - Mischief III

Mischief and her sister Pass Port (shown in these images) could be described as "character boats". It is her clipper bow and perhaps her crow's nest that give a hint of this "mischievous" character. Mischief was designed and built as a yawl, and her sister shown here as a sloop.

Mischief was designed for cruising in the Bahamas hence her flat bottomed keel. She is also designed to be handled by a husband and wife as crew. Although I do not know the history of Pass Port I do know that Mischief made numerous transatlantic passages and numerous extended cruises through the Mediterranean.

Both boats were built of aluminum by the Walter Huisman Yard and then finished by the Franz Maas Yard both of Holland. This type of joint venture was often recommended by Olin Stephens as he felt Huisman could build a very light aluminum hull and deck. Here is Pass Port ready for shipment to the Maas yard.

Here are the plans. In the general arrangment note the ingenious trim tab that is controlled by a tiller that runs through the center of the rudder stock.

And a couple of interior images of Pass Port. She's a big volume boat. Note her layout is slightly different than shown on the plans.

Principal Dimensions
LOA 42'-7"
LWL 32'-0"
Beam 13'-0"
Draft 4'-3" (board up) 8'-3" (board down)
Displacement 26,600 lbs
Ballast 10,000 lbs
Sail Area 949 sq ft


  1. A few months ago Mischief was for sale via an eBay auction. She's in tough shape in Central America somewhere.

  2. My father just bought the Mischief from some doctor. He is currently the third owner and has practically rebuilt it because it was neglected for so many years. In a few months she will be good as new. She's a real beauty and we are anxious to put her in the water. And by the way, she is in Puntarenas Yatch Club, Puntarenas, Costa Rica.

    1. Is Mischief still in sailing conditon?

    2. Is Mischief still in sailing conditon?

    3. If its the original Mischief III, I happened to meet the first owners, Richard and Gayle Vogt, of Florida
      when I was sailing in Greece. Subsequently I had the priviledge to sail with the owners on Mischief both in the Aegean Sea and offshore Florida. Would be happy to hear from you what happened to this outstanding boat. Dr Heinz Oser, M.D., retired in France, email:

    4. the sister was recently offered for sale as
      S & S Alu One Off “Passport”

      Peter Hegemann

    5. Update on PASSPORT

      Build of Aluminium (AlMg 4,5Mn) to high standards by OELAND BROTHERS
      and finished with an interior by world famous WALSTEDS in Denmark.

      Since her Launch in 1990 she has cruised as our family yacht and logged more than 40.000 nm
      with 2 Trans Atlantic crossings to her credit.

      PASSPORT is still in immaculate condition speakningen for her superior quality and craftsmanship

      PASSPORT is extremely seaworthy and fast on long passages.

      Her graceful clipper bow and bulwarks makes her decks dry and her deep and well protected
      cockpit is safe in any sailing weather .She has wide uncluttered fore, aft and side decks .

      As mentioned she is now up for sale by original owner.

      Interested ? Please don’t hesitate to contact me :

      Stig Bo Thomsen

      0045 40307582

  3. Great news.Just posted about her on Sailing Anarchy. Would you be able to post some pics of the rebuild on Sailing Anarchy. Discussion was about aluminum boats in the cruising section.

  4. Mischief 111 is coming back soon !!

    Will post images of what she looks like early 2012 .