Monday, May 30, 2011

Dessign 628 - Argyll

Image Courtesy Mystic Seaport Museum

Best described as a continuation of the Stormy Weather type, Argyll has had an interesting life. She was built by Simms Brother of Dorchester, Massachusetts and launched in 1948. She was built right on the heels of Magic Venture launched by Simms the previous year.

Think about the Bermuda Race in 1950: competing were Argyll, Blitzen, Avanti, Gesture, Bolero, Loki, Egret and Mustang. Edlu had won in 1934, Baruna in 1938, Gesture in 1946, Baruna in 1948 and now Argyll won outright and Class A in 1950.

Her race record looks something like this:
1948 Bermuda Race, last in class A of 15 yachts. (okay crew needs a little practice?)
1948 Astor Cup, 4th in a fleet of 7 yachts.
1949 Newport-Annapolis Race, 2nd place in class A of 12 yachts.
1950 Bermuda Race, overall winner in 59 starters.
1950 King's Cup, 12th in a fleet of 14.
1950 NYYC Annual Regatta, 9th in 20 sloops/yawls over 40-Ft. rating.
1951 Newport-Annapolis Race, 8th in 17 class A yachts.
1952 Bermuda Race, 13th in class B of 21 yachts.
1953 Newport-Annapolis Race, won in class B beating 9 yachts.
1953 Una Cup, 4th in a fleet of 36 yachts.
1954 Bermuda Race, 6th in class B of 19 yachts.
1954 NYYC Annual Regatta, 9th in 16 class A yachts.
1954 Queen's Cup, 4th in a fleet of 16.
1955 NYYC Spring Regatta, 3rd place in 13 class A yachts.
1956 Bermuda Race, 3rd in class B of 21 yachts.
1956 NYYC Spring Regatta, won in class A beating 18 yachts.
1957 NYYC Annual Regattta, 3rd in class A of 10 yachts.
1958 Bermuda Race, 3rd prize in class A.
1959 NYYC Annual Regatta, 8th in 9 class I yachts.
1959 Una Cup, 8th in a fleet of 25 yachts.
1959 Astor Cup, 8th in 11 class I yachts.
1960 Bermuda Race, 4th in class B of 28 yachts and 40th in the overall fleet of 129.
1960 NYYC Annual Regatta, 17th in class I of 22 yachts.
1961 NYYC Annual Regatta, 10th in class I of 13 yachts.
1962 Bermuda Race, 17th in class A of 17 yachts.
1962 NYYC Annual Regatta, did not finish the race.
1963 NYYC Annual Regatta, winner in class I beating 7 yachts.
1963 Astor Cup, 3rd in class II of 7 yachts.
1964 Bermuda Race, 12th in class A of 26 yachts.
1964 NYYC Annual Regatta, last in class I of 9 yachts.
1965 NYYC Annual Regatta, 6th in 10 class I yachts.
1966 Bermuda Race, 19th in class B of 24 yachts.
1967 Annapolis-Newport Race, 8th in the overall fleet and 5th in class I of 16 yachts.
1967 NYYC Annual Regatta, 7th in 11 class I yachts.
1968 Bermuda Race, 16th in class B of 21 yachts and 63rd in the overall fleet of 151 yachts.
1970 Bermuda Race, 15th in class B of 17 yachts and 66th in the overall fleet of 149 yachts.
1972 Bermuda Race, 17th in class B of 23 yachts and 123rd in the overall fleet of 178 yachts.

Her first owner had her for 25 years, until his death. Over numerous ownership changes through the years I can count multiple refits and restorations starting with a major refit at Hodgdon Brothers of East Boothbay, Maine in the early '70s and culminating in her most recent complete restoration by Baum & Konig of Germany in 2005. She is currently in pristine condition.

Argyll Post-Refit 2005

Here are the plans.

And here are some interior images.

Principal Characteristics
LOA 57'-4"
LWL 40'-0"
Beam 12'-9"
Draft 8'-0"
Displacement 47,750 lbs
Ballast 18,000 lbs
Sail Area 1,456 sq ft


  1. Hello! I am inquiring about the Argyll as I am going to Camden, Maine soon and knew she was there many years ago. I was a crew member on this boat in the 70's when Alan Sorvall owned her and she was in E. Boothbay undergoing renovations at Hodgdon Brothers. We were a hippy crew at the time. I worked on the bright work at the time, and we later sailed from Maine to the Bahamas in December. I was a complete novice and it was quite a ride! Would like to know where she is and glad to hear she is in pristine condition! Cathy Conkling

  2. Wow. It would be great to ride in that vessel and get to watch the amazing dolphins argyll. They are really beautiful creatures.

  3. I think I have the trophy for this boat. Marked N.Y.Y.C. 1963 Annual Regatta, Class 1, Argyll, 1st... It's an Abercrombie and Fitch 32oz pewter trophy. I bought it 25-30 years ago in a Maine antique shop. Curious to know more about it. Any information would be appreciated. e-mail