Thursday, June 2, 2011

Design 1219-G - Inward Bound

This boat is a bit of a mystery. We believe she is a bootleg copy of a Pilot 35. And it gets more interesting. The story goes that she was built by the Astilleros Sarmiento Shipyard of Buenos Aires, Argentina and launched in 1962. Rumor has it that a young design intern who worked in our offices at the time left with more than his experience: he left with a set of plans.

She is constructed of South American cedar (cedro) and she is built like a tank. Her deck and deckhouse are built of recycled teak which was taken during the refurbishment of an Argentinian naval vessel, the General Belgrano. I've been aboard her and she's a nice boat. She is about to go on the brokerage market for approximately $35,000. If anyone is interested in knowing more about her please feel free to email me at

Click here for more information about the Pilot 35.

Here are the plans. Keep in mind someone got creative with the design of her deckhouse.

Principal Dimensions
LOA 35'-2"
LWL 24'-3"
Beam 9'-7"
Draft 4'-9"
Displacement 11,970 lbs
Ballast 4,200 lbs
Sail Area 528 sq ft


  1. Inward Bound deck plans etc hard to make out thru the website. Any chance to email them in formate which is strong line/readable?
    Many thanks.

    John Bradford

  2. What would like to know, John. I'm the owner (Gary Magwood) of Inward Bound and can be reached at 613 477 1264

  3. That teak from the Belgrano has some sea miles on it. The Belgrano was originally the USS Phoenix. Phoenix survived Pearl Harbor and went on to earn 11 battle stars in WW2. Notably she engaged the IJNS Yamashiro (a battleship) at Leyte Gulf. She was later sold to Argentina to be sunk by HMS Conqueror during the Falklands War. That teak was probably installed in '43 during her refit in Philadelphia