Monday, June 27, 2011

Design 2065-C1 - Yankee 26

Here's another design where an existing hull shape was used for a new production yacht. In January we posted an article about a 1/4-tonner built by South Hants Marine - the She 27. The same hull shape was used for the Yankee 26. Production ran from 1973 until Yankee Yachts ceased operation in 1975.

Here are the plans.

Principal Dimensions

LOA 26'-0"
LWL 20'-5"
Beam 8'-8"
Draft 4'-9"
Displacement 5,355 lbs
Ballast 2,150 lbs
Sail Area 298 sq ft


  1. Hi Bruce, Thank you for including some more down to Earth designs from time to time! :) While I assume most of us come here to escape reality, it's nice to see obtainable boats in the mix, too!

  2. Loved all the designs. I got the real time inspiration to work for my project based on graphics design.

  3. Aloha! On Sept. 9th (2013) I purchased a Yankee 26 here in Honolulu. She is in terrible condition- the entire interior destroyed by termites as well as many other problems cause by abuse at the hands of clueless owners. I am in the process of rebuilding her, but am modifying the interior to a more conventional layout. I am shocked to find that I own the actual boat pictured in the original brochure! My Hawaii state registration lists the serial # as 001, and the sail number matches: 37979 ...and the spinnaker pictured is identical, with red and blue stripes! I also read about the interior design's history on the Joseph Artese Design website and now feel somewhat guilty for not restoring the original interior, but I found the chainplate structure inadequate- both knees were badly damaged. This boat also had 400 pounds of pig-lead ingots concealed under the setee just forward of the mast under a false floor as well as in the bilge- very poorly done, with more weight to port, indicating this was done here in Hawaii where most sailing to weather is on port tack. (I think someone was cheating! I am a life-long "yachtie" and was an active ocean racing participant as a teenager in the '70s.) Local industry insiders tell me only two Yankee 26s- and at least one Yankee 30- were brought into Hawaii by McWayne marine (now defunct) as new boats. I'd be interested if anyone knows anything about the history of hull #001. I have been documenting my project with lots of digital photos. The original interior was finished by upholstering almost every surface with foam-backed vinyl, which retained moisture causing rot, and which blocked access to some areas which is not good seaman-like practice. Removal has revealed some odd construction features, which may be explained by the boat being the prototype. I'd love to hear from anyone with information about this boat, or the Yankee 26 in general (email: Mahalo (thanks!) Louis Rodrigues

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