Friday, July 1, 2011

Design 1942 - Sagitta 20

We've previously posted articles on two other Sagitta models: the Sagitta 26 and the Sagitta 35. This 20'er is just a neat little boat with a lot of style. The boat was built by Royal Systems Yacht Yard of Denmark and introduced in 1968. She is constructed of solid fiberglass for the hull and fiberglass with balsa core for the deck. The result is a big volume 20'er.

Here are the plans.

Principal Dimensions
LOA 20'-2"
LWL 17'-6"
Beam 7'-8"
Draft 3'-10"
Displacement 3,660 lbs
Ballast 1,700 lbs
Sail Area 231 sq ft


  1. Hi Bruce,

    I recently bought a Sagitta 20 from 1970 and am desperately trying to find specs, particularly for the sails.
    Any chance you'd be willing to send me
    The originals of the pictures above? I'd be very appreciative for the help.
    My email is

    Thanks so much in advance,

    -- Berlin, Germany

  2. Joscha,
    I can but all we have are small scale digital copies. If you need bigger paper plots you will have to inquire of Mystic Seaport. I'll send you an email shortly.

  3. I also bought a 1970 Sagitta 20 and am very interested in higher quality sail plans. Can you also send me information, where I can find these? Thank you very much!