Sunday, July 17, 2011

Design 2135 - Northstar 500

This 1/4 tonner was built by Hughes Boat Works of Ontario, Canada. The boat was built of fiberglass on a production basis. They were introduced in 1972. The boat provided a very generous interior, primarily due to the 9" beam. She looks like she'd make a nice, classic little weekender. It looks like they can be bought for under $10,000.

Here's the original brochure.

Here are the plans.

There's a great little blog about a couple who sailed one from Canada to the Caribbean. Click here to access.

Principal Dimensions
LOA 24'-11"
LWL 19'-0"
Beam 9'-0"
Draft 5'-0"
Displacement 4,294 lbs
Ballast 1,710 lbs
Sail Area 289 sq ft


  1. Why would they call a 25 footer the "Northstar 22"? Did they really?

  2. You are correct. That was a typo and has been corrected. This model was also known as the Blue Bird 25.