Sunday, July 3, 2011

Design 218 - Edlu II

Here is the second Edlu to be built for Rudy Schaefer. Edlu II was built by Henry B. Nevins of City Island, New York. She is double planked of cedar and mahogany with white oak frames. her original deck was of Port Orford cedar. She was launched in 1938.

Here are the plans.

A couple of interior images follow.

Today she is known as Blackwatch. She is in pristine condition and continues to race and win. To see a peek of her interior today please click here.

Here's a contemporary image, taken in North Cove Marina, New York City.

Principal Dimensions
LOA 68'-0"
LWL 48'-0"
Beam 14'-7"
Draft 9'-3"
Displacement 76,700 lbs
Ballast 33,000 lbs
Sail Area 2,125 sq ft


  1. Owned by my uncle, Dr. George W. Brooks, from 1954 until 2005 - 51 years of beautiful sailing and loving care. She was sailed out of Larchmont Yacht Club, and maintained at the Derektor Shipyard in Mamaroneck.

  2. I recall working on this boat when I was in college and spent summers working for Griffith marine. I believe I installed a Satnav and maybe some B&G gear.