Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Design 1170 - Electron

This particular vessel was designed and built to be a floating laboratory for the Radio Corporation of America. She was constructed of wood using typical S&S scantlings: white oak for structure, double planking of mahogany over cedar, canvas over plywood for decks and Everdur for fasteners. The boat was built by Nevins of City Island and launched in 1956.

Looking at her specifications, she had every concievable kind of electrical equipment onboard: diesel powered generators, a 115 volt D.C. system, exide batteries and battery chargers, radar, LORAN, radio telephone, television, and hi-fi.

The above image is a bit later in her life when she had been converted to a yacht and renamed.

Here are the plans.

Power was derived from twin GM-6-71 diesels turning 38" diameter propellers for a top speed of 13 knots.

Principal Dimensions
LOA 83'-0"
LWL 77'-0"
Beam 18'-6"
Draft 5'-0"
Displacement 174,100 lbs

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