Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Design 2263 - 17' Daysailer

These plans were part of a design proposal at the request of the Boston Whaler Company for their first foray into the sailboat market. The year was 1975.

The basic specifications were to be:
1. Performance - it should be a good performing boat without the need for acrobatics, trapezes, etc.
2. Cockpit - it should be large, with a relatively small amount of shelter/storage space up forward.
3. A Family Boat - the boat should be designed for families first and foremost: easy to sail, trailer, rig and maintain.
4. Safety - because of its family appeal, the boat should meet the high safety standards of Boston Whaler. This would mean utilizing their foam sandwich technique along with a foam-filled mast and sewn-in masthead flotation to reduce turtling.
5. Self-bailing - unlike most boats her size, the boat should be self-bailing at rest as well as underway.

Unfortunately, the design contract was awarded to a competing firm.

Principal Dimensions
LOA 17'-0"
LWL 6'-4"
Draft 0'-8" (board up) 4'-3" (board down)

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  1. Interesting! I like the solution is to bring in the keel. It should also be useful when running on underwater rock.