Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Design 2373 - Palawan V

This is the fifth and final Palawan designed for Thomas Watson, Jr. of IBM. The design brief was for a boat that could be handled by two couples, be comfortable, seaworthy, have excellent directional stability, have a wind vane steerer and all of the modern electronic equipment available for navigation.

Palawan V is robustly built of aluminum by Paul Luke of East Boothbay, Maine. She is very typical of Watson's preference for an expedition style with protected hard dodger. She was launched in 1981.

Here are the plans.

Principal Dimensions
LOA 50'-0"
LWL 36'-0"
Beam 4'-2"
Draft 6'-9"
Displacement 40,264 lbs
Ballast 15,000 lbs (lead poured internally)
Sail Area1,105 sq ft


  1. Palawan V, now under Spanish flag and owned by a caring classic yachtsman, has been brought back to life after years of slumber in Slovenia under its previous absentee American owner. She cruised the Western Med successfully duiring 2010 and 2011. In early 2112, following a thorough refit and hull reconditioning, she sailed from Minorca to Western Scotland. After transiting the Caledonian Canal she has wintered in Inverness. During the 2013 season she will cruise Eastern Scotland and cross over to Norway, where she is expected to winter and cruise again in 2014 before making a b-line down the English channel and Biscay back to Iberia that year... maybe. Years -decades- after her launch, Palawan V returns to the climes she was built for. That hard-top doghouse -not the most graceful Olin Stephens creation, granted- is worth every centimeter of protection when the going gets wet and cold anywhere north of Gibraltar. Believe me: I've stood many a watch on the reborn Palawan (which now sails minus the V). CL, Barcelona, 28.02.13

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  4. Hello there my Name is William Watson and I spent many years aboard Palawan V with my grandfather Thomas J. Watson Jr. I have many fond memories aboard her learning how to sail and exploring the world. I am looking to reconnect with the new Spanish owner and would appreciate if anyone could put me in contact with him. I have many old pictures I would like to share with him. My email address is justgoodwill@yahoo.com. On July 12,2013 I fly to Nome Alaska and Board Empiricus a gaff rigged boat. We will be attempting to sail Route #1 from West to the East of the Northwest Passage, a route no one has ever completed. Our blog address is empiricusembarks.wordpress.com.

  5. Palawan is now competing another exceptional sailing season. We start at the West Coast of Scotland and after explroring the Hebrides and Outer Hebrides ( including St Kilda) we go north trouhg Orkney and Shetland to arrive at Lofoten in the Artic Circle and then down Norway.
    We are now arriving at Walsted yard to winterize Palawan for the next season: the Baltic
    Palawan is an exceptional cruising boat and I want to thank Olin Stephens for the design and Thomas Watson for the conception of such great sailing boat. Thanks!
    I'm very fortunate to own she!