Sunday, August 21, 2011

Design 2498 - Wianno Senior

While we are on the subject of work on other designer's plans, here's the Wianno Senior. The Wianno Senior is a very popular design and a beautiful boat. The boat was designed by Horace Manley Crosby of Crosby Yacht Yard of Osterville, Massachusetts at the urging of local yacht club members in 1913-14. 14 original boats were delivered in 1914. Approximately 200 boats have been built to this design.

In 1986 we were hired to engineer the boat for fiberglass construction. This was a rather intensive process: weighing original wooden boats and testing for stability so weight and stiffness could be matched. This allowed the class to grow while allowing both new and old boats to be equally competitive. Here's the fiberglass construction plan.

The boats have always had a sailing balance issue. As a result the mast actually rakes forward. You can see it in this sail plan.

I found the following proposed sail plan in our files. It's a proposal for a Marconi rig and drawn by K. Aage Nielsen from our Boston office. I am sure this was an attempt to rectify the balance issue and modernize the rig. According to Crosby a few boats were actually built with this rig. The drawing is only dated December 2nd. I am guessing the year was around 1935.

Principal Dimensions
LOA 25'-0"
LWL 17'-6"
Beam 8'-0"
Draft 2'-6" (board up) 5'-5" (board down)
Displacement 3,500 lbs
Ballast 1,200 lbs
Sail Area 366 sq ft

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