Saturday, August 20, 2011

Design 44 - Lucie

Although this 6-meter is a Clinton Crane design, she shows up on our job list. The drawing shown below is interesting. It is an original inked sail plan found in our files. I can't tell if it was generated by Nevins (note top portion of title block) or by Crane (note lower portion of title block). The fact that we have it leads me to believe it could have been produced by Rod or Olin from our short lived satellite office at the Nevins yard.

We pulled the sail plan below from our microfiche files so the quality isn't very good but here is a plan for a revised rig. This was drawn by Olin in 1934. We believe the work was done to convert her from a 2nd Rule boat to a 3rd Rule boat. At present she has been converted back to her original configuration.

Click here to access the Lucie website. Also click here for some more information about her and some additional images.

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