Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Mystery Solved - Designer G.P.

A client wrote and asked who the lead designer was on his boat, 8-meter Prelude, design #144. Here's the plan list which also lists the designers’ initials.

I searched and searched to find out who this G.P. was. He is not on our alumni list as seen on our website. I finally had to go back into the bank books from 1936 and finally found a reference to a paycheck written to one Gustaf Plym. I believe Gustaf was the brother of the founder of the boatbuilders Bengt Plym of Sweden, where we built numerous boats. His weekly pay at S&S was $25.

The first evidence of Gustaf Plym was with design #136, White Cloud (1936) and ended with design #150, Elizabeth McCaw, also in 1936. Here’s the very short but impressive list of boats he worked on:
Design #137, White Cloud
Design #143, So Fong
Design #144, Prelude (8-meter)
Design #146, Vryling II (now Skylark)
Design #150, Elizabeth McCaw

Not a bad run.

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