Monday, August 8, 2011

Update on Silver Lining - Design 2572-C3

I have written a couple of blogs about this project. I am still amazed. What an accomplishment for this owner and family. This project was abandoned at a shipyard in China for about 10 years. The new owner purchased the boat, and had her shipped to a yard in Thailand. He managed the entire project himself.

Here she is being shipped out of China.

And here being towed the final leg to the yard by his existing sailboat no less.

The boat is shown hauled again in Thailand.

Today we received these interior images of the completed boat.

I really like that the owner and his family really thought "outside the box" regarding the interior decor. The Asian influence is very pleasing.

Lower Salon

Lower Salon

Master Stateroom

Master Head

Master Head

Guest Cabin


Navigation Area

Besides cutting of the pilothouse and replacing with a newly styled house, all insulation, wiring, plumbing, systems, rig, rudder, and interior had to be procured and installed. Please also keep in mind that the boat is fully ABS certified. It's an real accomplishment.

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Click here for a video clip of the boat being blessed by 9 Buddhist monks. You can catch some snippets of the boat. Otherwise it looks like a great launch party.

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