Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Design 2131 and 2131-C1 - Inca and Takeda

Two sisterships were built to this design. The boats were constructed of aluminum by Steel Yachts & Launches of Aukland, New Zealand and launched in 1973. Designed under the I.O.R. Mark III Rule, the boats were designed for Southern Cross and Admiral's Cup competition.

Here's a very brief newspaper article. Please double click for zoom.

Here are the plans.

Principal Dimensions
LOA 45'-0"
LWL 34'-6"
Beam 13'-1"
Draft 7'-1"
Displacement 25,500 lbs
Ballast 12,700 lbs
Sail Area 903 sq ft

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  1. Olin was deep into his Tiny Keel Period, though he was very concerned about wetted surface area from the beginning. I have always thought this was a result of growing up on Long Island Sound. I've often wondered what his keels would be like had he come of age racing in the English Channel.

    Paul J. Nolan