Monday, September 19, 2011

Design 2268 - Scandalous

This light displacement ocean racing yacht was constructed by Sparcraft of Costa Mesa, California. She was launched in 1973. Construction is of welded aluminum. Every effort has been made to locate weight amidships. Note the hydraulically driven propeller shaft.

Although designed as an all out racing yacht the boat was used extensively for cruising with her generous galley, enclosed head and hot water system.

Here are the plans.

Principal Dimensions
LOA 50'-5"
LWL 36'-7"
Beam 14'-0"
Draft 8'-0"
Displacement 26,350 lbs
Ballast 15,000 lbs
Sail Area 1,134 sq ft


  1. Hi, I have owned Scandalous for roughly 15 years. She is based in Seattle now. Here is a picture of her taken a few years back moored off Orcas Island San Juans.

    1. I had the honor and pleasure of teaching ocean sailing on Scandalous in the late 70's, early 80's at Orange Coast College. It's wonderful to see her at sea and still being enjoyed by those that sail her and those that are lucky enough to see her go by under full sail. Thanks for posting the picture. You're a lucky Skipper.

  2. I owned Scandalous from July 1985 to 1990. It was my life long dream to own a S&S yacht like her from the time of my first Ensenada race in 1975. As things turned out, I was lucky to become her owner at age 31 and she was my first boat. It was love at first sight with her Ferrari red flush deck hull, big coffee grinders, and towering mast not to mention that she looks like she's doing 9 knots in the slip with her beautifully raked bow and transom! On my first time aboard I marveled at the nav station thinking it looked like the bridge of the Star Ship Enterprise and someone could smuggle a family in the refrigerator.
    I brought her to Long Beach, CA for July 4th, 1985 and had friends on board to watch the fireworks which was only the first of many terrific times. I found a dock on Naples Island across from "horney corner" in Alamitos Bay. It was a challenge coaxing the BRB ("big red boat" as folks in the bay knew her) through wind surfers and paddle boarders.
    I raced her on Wet Wednesdays and Thursdays, LBYC Island Series, two man races around Catalina and other LAYC Channel Island series along with five Ensenada races.
    Scandalous is a magnificant yacht to sail. All running rigging leads to individual multispeed winchs, the sunken cockpit is perfectly laid out, and the flush deck makes taking care of business easy and safe. She is so well balanced that I was able to sail her single-handed in a stiff breeze without autopilot. I brought her back from Ensenada and up to Santa Barbara by myself as well as many weekend trips to the island. A great thrill for me when sailing solo was getting her under way in a strong breeze and sitting in the bow pulpit watching this wonderful, sleek machine plowing through the swells at 8+ knots. On the two man around Catalina races it became our custom to pop the chute at the west end, then break out the BBQ and cigars for an easy ride down the back side.
    Apart from my two wonderful daughters, enjoying this fabulous yacht was a high water mark in my life. I have wondered what became of her and was thrilled to find this page on a random search. The picture looks exactly the way I left her many years ago.
    After sailing Scandalous, no other boat measures up for me. Sure, the sleds are high tech and faster, but her classic lines are poetry in motion. I used to marvel at her from the shore boat when she wss at anchor in Avalon Bay and pinch myself to think she was my boat.
    I would love to correspond with the current owner and you can contact me, Bill Corrin, at I have some old photos of the boat as one of Saudade and Scandalous in the Big Boat race from San Francisco by the Golden Gate as well as documentation of the modifications that were made to her by the original owner William Pascoe.