Monday, September 26, 2011

Design 2553 - 40-Meter Sloop

This world cruising sloop was designed in 1990 but never got off the drawing boards. Here are the designer's comments from that time. Please double click for zoom.

Here are the plans.

LOA 131’-3”
LWL 108’-0”
Beam 27’-11”
Draft 11’-6”
Displacement 400,000 lbs
Sail Area 6,094 sq ft

1 comment:

  1. "Planning a family circumnavigation..." Hahaha!! Just the boat for a voyage with the kids! They'll be the first children to sail entirely around the planet without making a single friend.

    I am reminded of a famous cartoon by Darryl McClure, Yachting's brilliant cartoonist, way back when Yachting was worth reading. In the first panel a young man is sailing along in a pretty, little 20' sloop while enviously gazing at a chap anchored aboard a 27' boat. Our man's longing was conveyed by a thought bubble above his head showing him happily in the larger boat. The next panel shows our man, now slightly older, in that 27 footer, but now he's got his eye coveteously on a 35 footer. And so it goes until the last panel where, in a blazer and yachting cap, white-haired and bent with age, he stands at the rail of a too-large and too-grand yacht not unlike this one, and he's gazing longly at a young man happily sailing by in a pretty, little 20' sloop.