Saturday, September 17, 2011

More on Sunmaid V - Design 1894

Back in May we posted an article about two sisters that were built to design #1894, one in Cowes named Sunmaid V and one in Australia named Tina. A blog reader was kind enough to send these images of Sunmaid V. Thanks for sending them.

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  1. Really nice Photos..
    I crewed on Sunmaid V in 1969 with Guy Bowles (the Owner) running the inshore crew which did the Solent Points Series and Ross Coles who ran the RORC offshore races... She was a cracking boat and I have a photo of her being trapezed in the Solent in 1968..
    I then sailed with Owen Aisher in a Yeoman and thence in another S&S "Gunfleet of Hamble"
    Great days and Sunmaid V was the happiest boat in which I sailed...
    Any more pics of those days would be of great interest...Bob Egerton ("Bob the Beard")