Thursday, September 1, 2011

New York 32 Turns 75 - Design 125

The 75th anniversary of the NY32 Class, design #125, will be celebrated this coming weekend with a dinner at the New York Yacht Club in Newport, Rhode Island. After winning a design competition from the New York Yacht Club for a new one-design class, 20 original boats were built by Nevins of City Island at a cost of $11,000 each.

As Olin once said "We set out to design a good cruiser/racer with good all-around form, guided by the lines of Dorade, Stormy Weather and Edlu, and emphasized seaworthiness rather than around-the-mark agility."

The following boats will be represented at the Newport dinner:
Apache, #2
Falcon, #6
Salty, #9
Isla, #10
Sapphire, #15
Night Heron, #16
Gentian, #18
Siren, #20
Masquerade, #21

Here are the plans.

Here's an early article from The Rudder magazine.

Principal Dimensions
LOA 45'-4"
LWL 32'-0"
Beam 10'-7"
Draft 6'-6"
Displacement 27,000 lbs
Ballast 12,000 lbs
Sail Area 950 sq ft


  1. Poetry in motion.

  2. Defines the word "classic."

    Paul J. Nolan

  3. Back in mid !950's my father sold his 35' S&S Weekender and purchased
    from Henry Taylor his NY 32 # 10 at Knutson's Yard Huntington, NY.
    James F. Murray then chaged the yacht's name to the Flying Tartan we sailed and raced her as I recall in two Bermuda races, 1962 , 1964 or 1966 sailing out of Shelter Island #SIYC. She was yawl rigged. Dad later
    sold the boat to a Ray and Millie Kaulman out of Roslyn, NY where he lost
    the mizzen and rudder in one of the races and later modified the rudder but
    did not replace the mizzen mast. I raced the boat with Ray then entered the Navy during the Vietnam era and lost tract of the boat. I think she is
    still sailing the Western end of Long Island Sound. She was fast and wet.
    by: J. Scott Murray

  4. In the early '60s I had the honor of sailing on two NY32s - #16, then called Ballina and #14, Tigress. Both were berthed at Sarnia Yacht Club at the southern end of Lake Huron. I did my first Mackinac race on Ballina and my second on Tigress. At the time, Ballina had the original 15/16 rig while Tigress had been modified to a mast headed sloop. Both were incredible boats and as Mr. Murray mentioned, fast and wet. Fond, fond memories of both.
    Mike Tomsu

  5. Sailed on "Ibis", "Tigress" and "Mustang" in 64 & 65. In the 64 SORC Tigress raced with a masthead rig doing very well against Ted Hood's "Robin" and Huey Long's "Ondine." In 64 O'Donnell Iselin's "Ibis" was in superb condition. She was of only two NY32s with center line companionway hatches, making for a large salon and no aft cabin.

    1. Ibis was bought in the early 70's by an idiot drug dealer and ended up seized by the DEA and sold for next to nothing. The idiot ruined her and was so proud of himself and his pot smoking ways he wrote a book titled "Flight of Ibis", and then had the balls to say he missed her after he abandoned it in the Chesapeake Bay. He even strapped an outboard motor to the NY32 for his drug runs. He even manages to claim he snuck drugs aboard another S&S classic "Running Tide". Peter D. Boas can rot in hell.

  6. I have "a boat load" of parts off #3 Ice lites with.bronze grills..beautiful sink,small coal stove,blocks,and so much stuff...all for sale. If anyone is interested I have photos of all. Email me at

  7. I had the pleasure of sailing with Bob Scott on #6 Falcon out of Castine, Maine. She's a beautiful boat, and Bob kept her in tip top shape. He needed a crew to get to Belfast, so myself and two other friends showed up, with cheap beer for the ride and that's when I was taught the rules of Falcon. "Rule #36: Bad beer does not board Falcon. You are in luck however, that rule #37: good beer does not leave Falcon. Check the cooler after we get underway." What a great boat and a heck of a guy to share sea stories with!