Sunday, October 16, 2011

Design 286 - Perroquet

We don't seem to have any small scale study plans for this design so instead of digging for them, hopefully these few articles will suffice. They show the plans fairly well. Perroquet was built by Thomas Knutson of Long Island. She was launched in 1939.

This article is of interest as it explains a number of design details. As always please double click for zoom.

Principal Dimensions
LOA 46'-11"
LWL 32'-1"
Beam 10'- 1"
Draft 6'-9"
Sail Area 932 sq ft


  1. Hi Bruce,

    When the illustrations are packaged as an album (as you have started to do) double clicking doesn't work for me and its necessary to download the individual images to view at the correct size to read the text. Anyone else having this problem?

    Great detail sketches by the way, like Uffa's old large format books.

    Euan Ross

  2. I believe the issue is with They seem to change the way drawings are handled. Normally when one clicks on an image it opens (with white background) and one can click for zoom. Intermittently over the past month the images open with a black background and show all the images for a particular posting at bottom. This is nothing we have done.
    In this case if you then "right button" on any particular image and select "view image" it will open in the window, again with a white background, and you can click to zoom as before.
    I wish I had an answer for how to control this issue but hopefully this is helpful.

  3. Perroquet is alive and well on her mooring in the Pacific Northwest in Puget Sound. She is on her third life so far....the first ending in the mid-50's when she burned to the waterline and sank in Long Island. She was salvaged and rebuilt by Thomas Knutson for his own use until 1984, passed through a couple of owners and made her way out to Puget Sound in the 90's. She has been rebuilt again and has most recently completed a few cruises in the San Juanbs this summer.

    1. Hi My name is John Calabrese and I am the grandson of Thomas Arthur Knutson. Would you mind contacting me at
      thank you

    2. My grandfather, Robert H. Moore of Huntington, Long Island, Huntington YC had Olin, design and Thomas Knutson, build Perroquet. She was a fast, beautiful sloop designed when one could race/cruise. Arthur Knutson, the son of Thom, was running the yard by the time she burned. He raised her and rebuilt her, painted her black and renamed her Black Fox. I heard that Arthur had taken her to The Bahamas upon his retirement. It is wonderful to here she is in Puget Sound, cruising the San Juans; one of my favorite spots for racing/sailing/cruising. I live in San Francisco Bay, St.Francis YC. Am very interested in seeing her the next time I get north. I can be contacted at Would love to hear more of her travels. She is a really lovely S&S design. --Warren H. "Beeper" Moore. 408.205.8929.

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  4. Hi, I'm just seeing this Perroquet profile for the first time! Great to hear she's alive and well on the west coast! I'm Skipper Moore's grandson Bobby. My brothers (Topper and Beeper) and I loved sailing and cruising aboard Perroquet until she burned and sank while Skipper was duck shooting by himself anchored up in Prices Bend, as I recall. We have a number of pictures and articles of Perroquet/Skipper but I don't recall ever seeing the photo taken toward her port quarter while on the wind. Loved seeing the carving of the puffin on the transom, which my father (Bob) salvaged and mounted on a nice slab of mahogany. The story on the name 'Perroquet' passed down from Skipper and our father, was that it came from their encounters with local waterman while they were cruising aboard Skipper's 10 meter 'Lilu' up in Labrador/Newfoundland waters. Skipper, our dad, his brother Buck (and families) all knew Olin, Rod and Rod senior for years. Bucky crewed aboard Dorade when she won the Trans-Atlantic Race. Loved seeing all these old S & S design profiles. Keep up the good work! Regards, Bob Moore

  5. Here a couple pictures from here rebuild.

    1. Wow. I'll say, "She's alive and well in Seattle," as one here stated. It's as if you transported me to my youth. I am Robert H. Moore's grandson. She was a dream to sail, race, cruise out of Huntington Bay, Long Island; NYYC, Huntington YC. Have lived in San Francisco Bay for over 45 years now. Always enjoyed getting to the San Juans to race and cruise. Truly "god's country." Thanks for posting these beautiful pics. --Beeper Moore, 408.205.8929