Friday, October 14, 2011

Design 990 - Rogue

Newport 29 - Rogue
Image Courtesy Ben Mendlowitz

This boat has an interesting provenance. She is a Newport 29 Class designed by N. G. Herreshoff but built by Seth Persson of Saybrook, Connecticut and launched in 1953. Sparkman & Stephens was hired to modernize the rig and deck layout, the result of which you can see in the plans below. She was assigned job number 990. In addition to the sail and deck plans you see here we produced drawings for the spars and all rigging details.

There is plenty of material about her on the Internet as she is still actively sailed in and around Newport, Rhode Island. Note she is configured as a yawl in the image above so somewhere along the way she was modified from these plans.

Principal Dimensions
LOA 36'-9"
LWL 29'-0"
Beam 10'-6"
Draft 5'-4"
Sail Area 747 sq ft

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  1. Hi, good to see the Rogue has made the internet. The yawl rig pictures was suggested by Ed Raymond of Hathaway, Reiser, and Raymond; the masts are aluminum, same height as 7/8 rig but with masthead foretriangle. This tended to overpower the boat when the genoa was set in a breeze.
    My father modified construction, cabin, etc. from the original Herreshoff, and added the bowsprit. This and Easterly were his two favorite boats. Jon Persson