Monday, October 3, 2011

More on Design 2056 - Carillion

Regarding our posting of April 20, 2011 regarding sailing yacht Carillion, a blog reader asked:

Know-it-all Lloyds said...
I'm not at all sure about this, but wasn't she Carillon, not Carillion?

Please take a close look at the image here (zoom in by double clicking).


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  2. this is a picture of another boat called Carillion. It is not carillon the S & S 1757 Bermuda race winner. Carillon has no vents by the forward hatch and the cockpit is more square whereas this one is more rounded. Peter

  3. This picture shows Carillion Design #2056 from 1970 build for Derek J. Boyer to join the Admirals Cup.

  4. This picture is Derek Boyer's CARILLION.
    I raced on Carillion in the early 1970's and probably the hands holding the spinnaker sheet are mine. The lad in the white jumper is Chris Hare with Graeme ? standing behind. Regards, David H.