Friday, November 25, 2011

Design 1131 - Cockade

This commuter style motoryacht was quite advanced for 1956, the year of her launch. She was constructed using light wood scantlings by the De Vries Lentsch Shipyard (part of Feadship) of Amsterdam, Holland.

Power was derived from triple General Motors 671 marine diesels which were special-order equipped with aluminum cylinder blocks (and other aluminum parts), each generating 216 hp at 2,300 rpm for a top speed of 21 knots. That's her running at top speed in the image above.

It's impressive that three propulsion engines were utilized in such a narrow beam, and her engine room was so short that V-drives were required. The V-drive does result in a loss of efficiency but in any event, her target speed was achieved.

Here are the plans.

Here's an article from The Skipper magazine.

We are fortunate to possess two small publicity booklets that were produced by De Vries in our collection: one with construction images and exterior shots and the other with interior images. First let me draw your attention to the beautifully hand drawn cover with crossed Dutch and American flags and hand stenciled De Vries logo. If you recall the acronym Feadship means the First Export Association of Dutch Shipbuilders and the crossed flags along with the tag line built for the U.S.A. were a subtle indication of their desire to develop the American market. Here's one of the covers.

Here are some construction images in sequence from mold frames set up through to the boat fully planked.

The interior photographs. Images are in sequence from bow to stern.

Here are the exterior shots.

Principal Dimensions
LOA 59'-7"
LWL 56'-0"
Beam 14'-6"
Draft 4'-8"
Displacement 51,693 lbs

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