Friday, November 4, 2011

Design 1989 - Minuteman Dinghy

The Minuteman dinghy was developed for Yankee Yachts of Inglewood, California, back in 1967. The boat is clearly one of numerous iterations of the Interclub dinghy, design #618. This version included a heavily cambered foredeck for spray deflection and to provide a place to stow gear. I have no idea how many were built.

Here's an early brochure.

Principal Dimensions
LOA 11'-7"
LWL 11'-6"
Beam 4'-7"
Weight 195 lbs
Sail Area 72 sq ft

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  1. I was struck by the offering price: $695, precisely the initial offering price of the Laser. Two boats of similar size and cost, but utterly different in character. One took off, becoming an international sensation that continues to this day. The other came and went without a ripple. Clearly, Ian Bruce knew his market much, much better than did Yankee Yachts. Not unlike Apple and Blackberry.

    Paul J. Nolan