Wednesday, November 30, 2011

More About Chiquita of the Sea - Design 2202-C2

As a follow up to our posting of yesterday the son of the former owner of Chiquita of the Sea was kind enough to send us the image seen above. He also provided the following explanation: My family owned her from approx 1980 till approx 1994. Indeed in 1988 my father, an engineer among many other things, felt the deck layout needed improvement for family sailing, but also for racing. Together with your offices the deck, rigging and keel balance was reworked. The rigging got an extra 3ft height, the boom got an extra 3 ft length and about 500 kilos of ballast was relocated from the top of the keel to the bottom of the keel. The result was breathtaking. She still went upwind like no other boat, but with 2 more knots in any wind speed. The deck layout also gave her a more modern touch. The interior was done from scratch, saving another 500 kilos but giving way more comfort.

From the Berthon website we gained some further clarity as well. The aluminum hull and deck were fabricated by Allday Aluminum Ltd and fitted out by Berthon Boat Works of Lymington, England.

Thanks for sending this to us.


  1. Hello,
    By looking for pictures of Chiquita, I have seen this article.

    According to what I am reading, the son of one of the former owner of the boat gave details about chiquita.
    As far as I am concerned, I think I am the son of the following owner (from 1994 to 2001).

    I am not a born sailor, but I have learnt sailing on this ship. Chiquita was realy a particular part of my life (and shurly of my father !).

    For the historical side of the story, she has been owned in Limington. She has been sailed to mediteranean sea this year. I spent my first non sea sick eperience across Golfe de Gascogne with rear waves and 120° rear wind.

    As I had no sailing experience, I did not have any reference before. So impressing anyway. I had the luck (let's consider it this way) to take care about the 13 sails (at least). We tested them all. We also had the luck to make a few small races with it. Its front wind abilities helped us beating some more modern ships riding with 10 personn crew whereas we were only 4 on board ! So exiting !

    For shure, this boat was not perfect and quite old school compared to more modern units. Its behaviour with rear waves was quite awfull and even dangerous (thanks to its rear shape) but sailing experience on her was shush an extraodinary moment that I am regreting it every time I take sea with another boat.

    Thank you to the former owner not to have removed all the staff on board.

    For your information : no major modification during that time.

    I will try to find some pictures of her in french west indies to send you and fulfill some newer (10 years old at least !) pictures of it.

    To contast me :

  2. Dear next owner,

    Many thanks for your reply with email adress, ill contact you shortly!

  3. Hi. I am thee owner of Patrice 3, a sister shib to yours. I also did a lot of changes, teakdeck and teak inside, she is more heavy, but still sails very well, special in 15 knot and more. Now tre times winner of The Kings Cup in Thailand. Fore more information check and

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