Sunday, November 27, 2011

Stormy Weather's Tender

Speaking of Stormy Weather, we find in the plans that a special tender was designed and built as part of her plan package. Here she is today.

Here is a peek at the lines. It looks like modifications have been made over the years, such as the centerboard trunk. We also find no record that any other plans (such as a construction plan) were generated to produce this tender.

Principal Dimensions
LOA 10'-0"
Beam 4'-3"

Postscript: In response to the comment posted on 27 November the answer is yes, the tender would be carried upside down on deck as seen in the image below. We do not have an image of Stormy Weather with her tender aboard. This is an image of Dorade.


  1. Would a custom tender be designed to stow top side?

  2. Dear DC,
    Please see postscript above regarding carrying a tender.
    Bruce Johnson

  3. IYRS is building a replica of Dorade's original tender as built by Nevins. Do you have plans for her and do they show show differences from Stormy Weather's?