Thursday, December 1, 2011

Admiral's Cuppers

Yesterday I mentioned I would try to tie together a string of Admiral's Cup designs from the early '70s. We will need to start with Saudade, design #2140. The year was 1973 and she was designed and built for the German Team. Here we need to step back for a moment and discuss Rubin, design #2102, built in 1971. She is a boat we have not yet blogged about. Rubin was part of the 1973 German Admiral's Cup team. That's a display of Admiral's Cup models that include the full team shown above with Carina, a Dick Carter design next to Saudade on center and Rubin on the right, both S&S designs. Suadade was the overall high scorer that year.

Here's a peak at Rubin's sail plan. More about her in a future blog posting.

We can then move on to design #2149, Prospect of Whitby IV. She is a direct descendant of the designs before her. If you recall her hull and deck were built by Royal Huisman Shipyard and finished by Berthon Boat in the UK. This includes the development of her sisters: Struntje V and Battlecry. I just had to include this interesting image of Prospect of Whitby IV being shipped from Holland. I suppose we know what she weighs at this point.

Here's Prospect of Whitby IV on the day of her launch.

The string of boats continues then with Mandrake, design #2182, launched in 1974 and her sister, Palynodie. Here's a poor quality image of Mandrake.

In any event, we could probably go much, much further in the rapid development of these boats but I thought I would provide you with at least few links to tie these blog postings together.

Oh and yes, I should not fail to mention design #2202, Patrice III and her sisters. That's what started this whole string.


  1. Frederico Pinheiro de MeloDecember 2, 2011 at 9:16 AM

    Dick, not Max, Carter (Carina's designer). Great blog. Congratulations

  2. Thanks. I took a guess. I will correct it.

  3. We are the owners of the Rubin sistership - named Duva in former times then Hamburg X, built by Burmester Bremen as Admirals Cupper in the same year. We are interested in getting more information and/or plans, drawings, photos or things like this. And we are looking very interested to the future blog about Rubin (you have wrote about in the text above). Is it possible to get an information when the blog goes active?
    Thanks a lot n advance