Thursday, December 8, 2011

Design 109 - Green Pastures and Her Sisters

While we were looking around in our microfiche files earlier this week and stumbled upon design #111, which we posted, we came across this interesting motorsailer design. I confess I am a bit confused by her. She is another design generated in our Boston office under the direction of K. Aage Nielsen. Our master database states she was "not built", as does the K. Aage Nielsen book.

However looking at our card files there is a note that 3 boats were built to the design: Green Pastures, Folly II and Dormar II. The boats are listed as having been built by Franklin G. Post & Son of Mystic, Connecticut. Green Pasture was supposed to have been launched in 1935 and her sisters in '36. The plot thickens: looking at the list of boats built by Green on the Mystic Seaport website (Records of Franklin G. Post & Son; Collection 200) I see no record of any of the these boats.

In any event here are the general arrangement and construction plans. If you are an Aage Nielsen fan, these three plans are from his hand and probably haven't been seen since '35-'36.

Principal Dimensions
LOA 47'-5"
LWL 41'-0"
Beam 13'-0"
Draft 5'-0"

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  1. thank you for your blog, love looking at all the older s&s designs like this motorsailor. her pilot house looks a little too tall.