Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Design 111 - 50' W.L. Motorsailer

This proposed motorsailer design was never built. We dug it out of our microfiche files simply to have a look. The preliminary design was generated in our Boston office in 1935.

Here is the general arrangement plan.

The client was either William Bross Lloyd who would have been 60 at the time this design was prepared, or William Bross Lloyd, Jr. who would have been 27 at the time. I'm voting on the former. If so here's a little background on him:

William Bross Lloyd, the son of Henry Demarest Lloyd, was born in 1875. His father published a series of articles (Chicago Tribune) exposing corruption in business and politics. These articles caused Lloyd to be described as America's first investigative journalist.

As a young man his parents introduced him to a lot of political figures including Jane Addams, John Peter Altgeld, Clarence Darrow, William Dean Howells and John Dewey. Lloyd also developed radical views and he joined the Socialist Party of America.

After the death of his mother, he inherited a considerable fortune. This did not change his political opinions and ran for senator on the Socialist ticket in Illinois in 1918. He was also a supporter of the Russian Revolution and in November 1918 joined the Communist Propaganda League and later the Socialist Party of America.

William Bross Lloyd died in 1946.

William Bross Lloyd


  1. So even Communists wanted a yacht! This should go well at, say, the NYYC!

    -Jeff W.

  2. Jeff,
    Those were my thoughts exactly and I can see how this project never got off the ground. It would be hard to be "one of the people" and ordering a custom boat. 99% vs 1% sort of issue.

  3. Looking over at the Wooden Boast Forum, this boat was in fact drawn by our Boston office but was not drawn by Aage Nielsen.

  4. Frederico Pinheiro de MeloDecember 7, 2011 at 4:04 AM

    Really neat boat, pity she wasn't built. In "philosophy", if not so much in looks, it reminds me of Irving and Exy Johnson's Yankee, in which they cruised the waters of Europe, including going from the English Channel to the Mediterranean through the French canals, and wrote about it in National Geographic. Have you published designs of her yet? There should be plenty of pictures, too.

  5. Yes we have. Simply do a search for design 1278. Also note she is for sale. A link to her listing can be found in the right margin under S&S boats for sale.