Friday, December 2, 2011

Design 1358-C3 - China Clipper

Here's design #1358, Anitra going down the ways at the Bengt Plym shipyard of Sweden. It's just such a great photograph that I had to include it here. You only get to take a photo like this once in a boat's life, when she touches the water for the first time.

A sail maker asked us for a sail plan for one of her sisters, China Clipper which was the third boat to be built to this design and that got me thinking about her. Incredibly we don't have a single image of her. I suppose that's not too uncommon for our boats that were built in the Far East. China Clipper was built by the Wing on Shing Shipyard of Hong Kong, and fitted out by the Woodnut Yard of England (Isle of Wight). She was launched in ~1963.

Although a bit tattered, here's her sail plan. In comparing her to Anitra please note she is a sloop.

Here's a brief article about the boat. Please double click for zoom.

In studying the design I see her lines were modified slightly above the waterline which was probably done for rating purposes (RORC Rule).

Although we don't have any images there is a nice brief video clip of her at sea posted on YouTube. Click here to access.

I count a total of seven boats to built to this design. Here's a link to a couple of images of the very beautiful Stiren, the sixth in the line.

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