Friday, December 30, 2011

Design 2695 - 24' Daysailer

Here's an interesting little design study that we undertook back in 2002. In the design of this simple daysailer we have taken a proven hull shape, design #1497 - the Dolphin 24, and greatly simplified it. A summary of modifications is as follows:
Eliminate deckhouse
Eliminate interior - simple storage below foredeck
Lower sheer by 50mm from original lines plan as we have no headroom requirement
Modify stern overhang slightly for aesthetically reasons

Other details:
Simple cockpit with bench seats surrounded by a varnished coaming board on edge
Wooden toe rail
Tiller steering
Diesel auxiliary - conventional shafting
Aluminum spar
All halyards led below deck
Dacron sails

The logic behind the exercise was to produce an inexpensive daysailer by significantly reducing the cost of design fees in addition to simplifying the boat to make her affordable.

Principal Dimensions
LOA 24'-0"
LWL 19'-0"
Beam 7'-8"
Draft 2'-10" (board up) 5'-2" (board down)
Displacement 3,600 lbs
Ballast 1,310 lbs
Sail Area 297 sq ft

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  1. Do you have plans and specs for this S&S design for comparison's sake?