Friday, December 9, 2011

Design 418 - 174' Navy Harbor Tanker

These vessels were built of welded steel and were designed to carry gasoline, heavy oil, water and in later designs mixed liquid cargo. These boats were normally designated YO (oil), YOG (gasoline) or YM (water). Typical capacities were 6,500 barrels of gasoline and 5,000 barrels of heavy oil. They were intended for harbor service but were classed for coastwise service by A.B.S. (American Bureau of Shipping). They were excellent sea boats. Approximately 100 units were built between 1942 - 1946.

All were single screw with three types of machinery installations: Union Diesel 560hp, Fairbanks Morse 500hp or General Motors Model 8-278A rated at 640hp. Top speed was about 10 knots.

Here's the outboard profile.

Principal Dimensions
LOA 174'-0"
LWL 68'-0"
Beam 33'-0"
Displacement 950 tons
Draft 11'-10"

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  1. Reminds me of a Coast Guard 180 ft. buoytender, similar vintage. I don't who who designed the 180 - maybe S and S?