Saturday, December 3, 2011

Job Opening - Captain & Program Supervisor Schooner Brilliant

The Mystic Seaport Museum has asked us to mention that they are currently advertising for the position of Captain and Program Supervisor for the schooner Brilliant, design #12. Brilliant is an extraordinary vessel and her program is wonderful. There are numerous postings about her on this blog site. Simply do a "search" in the search field at top.

Click here for details as found on the Mystic Seaport website.


  1. Hi,

    Your blog is just wonderful, and it's a great achievement ! Many thanks for all these unvaluable archives on S&S.

    I'm very fond of schooner Brilliant (design #12), and the Appleton model is truly a marvel.
    I've two photos of this model (the photograph shown for the Christie's auction), one medium res. where the whole model can be seen (rigging included), 230 Ko (1467 x 1691), and one high res. detailing the hull, 534 Ko (2931 x 1498).

    If you're interested to post, let me know to which e-mail address I can send them.

    Best regards,
    Jean Le Moigne
    Issy les Moulineaux (France)

  2. Dear Jean,
    Sure we would love to have them. Please email to Thanks.

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