Thursday, December 22, 2011

More About 1985 - Prospect of Whitby (II)

We have received a couple of emails plus comments from blog readers related to the image that was shown on the PJ40 brochure versus Prospect of Whitby II. Here's a detailed shot of Prospect's cockpit. I have admit that image on the PJ brochure is pretty clearly her, especially when one focuses on the details such as handrails, winch location, traveler and deck prisms. It just seems very strange they would use this image and not an image of a Swan 40, very strange indeed.

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  1. She became Matchless and two Prospects later people still said said she was the best, This is interesting as Prospect 3 became Maurice Laing's Loujaine which maybe over the years was the most successful S&S IOR design.
    What happened to her after Peter Poland sold her?