Thursday, December 15, 2011

More About Design 97-C2 - S&S 30

Here's the new S&S 30 in some very nice colors. Click here for more information.


  1. Oh, goodness. Colors are often a matter of taste, aren't they? My wife just passed by the computer on her way out and said, "Eww. What's that color? Snot Green??"

  2. Color mine Gloss Black, with Silver boot top & cove stripe, and wine-red accents......

    -Jeff W

  3. That's funny. It's good to have a wife with a sense of humor. Of course it's subjective but I have to say that any current boat marketing effort seems to include a dark blue (navy, flag blue, you name it) rendering. It's like the powers that be say "when in doubt, make it blue and I get it: a dark blue hull with varnished cap rail, etc is a nice look. I just think it's refreshing to explore other colors, even if they are the color of split pea soup.
    Thanks for reading and thank your wife!

  4. I would opt for a good old white with a navy boot stipe.
    Beautiful boat! When are they starting production. I'm interested.

  5. RBH - production is starting immediately. We are taking orders now. Please feel to contact us for more information. You can email us at

  6. The more things change the more they remain the same. This is a very appealing design. I only have two comments: a) why have a cut-away transom and b) why no spring in the coaming profile? Maybe it's the traditionalist in me. Good luck with this project.

  7. I agree...I would ditch the cut-away transom.
    What is a spring in the coaming profile?
    The only other thing I would change is the profile of the cabin--it just looks a little odd on such a beautiful hull. Someone said it looked like a bar of soap on top of the boat.