Friday, January 21, 2011

Design 2336 - 48' Canal Boat

Here is a preliminary design for a canal cruiser with 48'-3" length overall for Irving Johnson, drawn in 1978. Remember, Irving Johnson owned Yankee (design #1278), and is very well documented as having cruised the canals of Europe extensively aboard her. See my posting of August 27, 2010 regarding Yankee by clicking here.

He probably got tired of stepping and unstepping the masts and you obviously can't sail the boat in the canals, so got the motorboat bug. Nothing became of this design beyond what you see here. You can find the principal dimensions on the right side of the plan (double click on the plan itself for zoom). Not a bad looking boat. Overall height as shown on the plan was limited by bridge clearance.

Design 2476 - M/V Race Point

This 163' auto/passenger ferry services Fishers Island, New York from New London, Connecticut, a trip of about 4 nautical miles. She was built by Eastern Marine of Panama City, Florida, launched in 1985 and is still in service today.

Powered by twin Caterpillar 3412 marine diesels generating 540 bhp each @ 1,800 rpm turning 44" diameter x 3-bladed propellers, maximum speed is about 12.5 knots. The vessel is certified to carry 263 passengers and 93 vehicles including cars and trucks.

Principal Dimensions
LOA 163'-0"
LWL 145'-0"
Beam 33'-6"
Draft 8'-5"
Displacement 396 LT

Karyatis - Design 2475

Launched in 1984, Karyatis was designed as a large cruising boat with three guest cabins and to be run by a crew of two. She was built in aluminum by Palmer Johnson of Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin.

Here are the plans.

Principal Dimensions
LOA 71'-0"
LWL 54'-0"
Beam 17'-6"
Draft 10'-0"
Displacement 67,000 lbs
Sail Area 2,040 sq ft

Design 2031 - Yankee Girl

This big aluminum cutter was designed to compete under the I.O.R. Rule. She was built by Palmer Johnson and launched in 1974.

Here are the plans.

A sistership was built to this design, also by Palmer Johnson. Here's the sister, Charisma.

Principal Dimensions
LOA 55'-8"
LWL 40'-0"
Beam 14'-5"
Draft 8'-4"
Displacement 37,150 lbs
Sail Area 1,355 sq ft

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Design 2284 - 1/4 Tonner - Quartet

This Quarter Ton Cup boat was build by Eino Antinoja of Finland for a group of 4 owners and launched in 1977. She is constructed of single skin fiberglass with stringers and a plywood deck with laminated wood deck beams.

Here are the plans.

Principal Dimensions
LOA 26'-0"
LWL 19'-6"
Beam 9'-2"
Draft 5'-0"
Displacement 3,400 lbs
Sail Area 251 sq ft

More on Carolina IV - Design 2678

Launch Day

I thought I would circle back to my posting of August 1, 2010 about the 46' Walsted built Carolina IV. Here are some details that clearly shows the high quality of this yacht.

Please note the stern 'kedge" anchor and it's custom installation. Anchoring in and around Scandinavia requires a bow and stern anchor as one must generally anchor in a narrow fjord, right up against the rocky shore.

To learn more about Walsted please click here to be directed to their website.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Design 7 - Dorade

We found this interesting image in the files. We don't know who took it. We can tell because of her rig configuration that this image is post 1939. We also know she used the sail number 13 in California waters and 16 on the East Coast. Our summation is that this was taken in California just prior to World War II. That's a whole bunch of warships in the background. Double click to zoom in.

Design 1767- Pavane et al


Here's a design that was well utilized. Copies of this design in various forms were built throughout Scandinavia and all the way to Hong Kong and Australia in both wood and fiberglass. Familiar boat names include Pavane, shown above, Cotton Blossom IV, Boo Hoo and Pam to name but a few. She was designed as a small ocean-racer.

Here's a list of boats built to this design. Please double click for a bigger view.

Although the long deckhouse version was popular, the "stepped" house was a very attractive alternative. In addition the design was available with conventional or reverse transom. Here's an image of Charlotta IV, hull #5.

Charlotta IV

Here are the plans showing the stepped deckhouse version.

Here's the Walsted built, bright finished Pam.


Principal Dimensions
LOA 39'-10"
LWL 28'-9"
Beam 10'-0"
Draft 6'-6"
Displacement 17,200 lbs
Sail Area 659 sq ft

More About Primrose - Design 167

As a follow up to my posting of Monday regarding Primrose, the owner was kind enough to send us some nice images, which you can see posted here.

Primrose Detail

At Anchor

Notice how nicely designed this boat is. At anchor she is just slightly bow down so with people in the cockpit she will float on an even keel. Nice.

Sailing in Detail

According to her owner: "The boat sails well in all conditions with no weather helm and out sails a Herreshoff 12 1/2 on all points but dead down wind where they are about even".

He also sent this copy of an old newspaper advertisement about the boat. This ad looks fairly home made: typed on a typewriter and the rest hand lettered.

Thank you again for sending this material. This is a very special boat.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Design 2721 - Anna

Here's a fantastic image of the 56' Anna flying an asymmetrical spinnaker on a nice foggy day in Maine. Nice shot! I don't really know who to credit for this great photograph but I will guess it's the work of Alison Langley.

Notice her skipper is under no stress with this powerful sail plan: helm perfectly balanced. He's got but two fingers on the wheel. As is true for this entire blog - double click for a bigger image.

Notice also the barely perceptible wrinkle at upper left at the leading edge of the spinnaker - that trimmer is flying that chute perfectly and the boat is moving about as well as she can.

Principal Dimensions
LOA 56'-0"
LWL 41'-4"
Beam 13'-0"
Draft 8'-3"
Displacement 40,200 lbs
Ballast 16,900 lbs
Sail Area 1,402 sq ft
Builder Brooklin Boat Yard

Design 2666 - Anson Bell

Image Courtesy Billy Black - Please Double Click for Bigger Image and Zoom - These are all Hi-Res Images

This all aluminum displacement yacht of 156' overall length was launched in 2002 by Palmer Johnson of Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin. She is powered by twin Caterpillar 3508B diesel engines generating 1,000 bhp each for a cruise speed of 13.5 knots. Her range is 4,000 nautical miles.

With a major emphasis on safety, she was designed to be one of the safest private yachts afloat. There are four guest staterooms plus the full beam master stateroom on the main deck and ten crew in six cabins. Note the captain aft of the bridge, the engineer's cabin just aft of the engine room.

Here are the plans.

Her interior is modern and well appointed with a neutral palette. Here are some interior shots.



Master Stateroom

Dining Area

Main Salon

Sky Lounge

Principal Dimensions
LOA 156'-0"
LWL 137'-10"
Beam 27'-7"
Draft 8'-4"
Displacement 633,269 lbs

Design 915 - Anna Marina

This 64' yawl was constructed at the A/B Neglinge-Varvet yard of Sweden and launched in 1953. She looks to be a powerful boat and very capable cruiser. Construction is of white oak for all structural members and single planked of mahogany.

It's interesting in that there is no cockpit aft of the raised pilothouse. One exits the house onto a fairly large bridgedeck and has to move aft quite a ways to enter the cockpit. In addition the companionway is well off center. That's not something we would do today.

Here are the plans.

Here's an article from Yachting magazine, from 1953. Double click for bigger image.

Principal Dimenions
LOA 63'-11"
LWL 46'-6"
Beam 14'-6"
Draft 8'-9"
Displacement 67,000 lbs
Sail Area 1,909 sq ft

Monday, January 17, 2011

Design 167 - Primrose

This little double-ender was designed by K. Aage Nielsen from our Boston office in 1935. She was built by Simms Brothers of Massachusetts and launched the following year. Mr. Nielsen's youth in Denmark was where he became knowledgeable about the type.

We have no known records of this design other than what we managed to dig up here. I grabbed the above image off of the Wooden Boat forum entitled "Prettiest Boats Under 30 Feet" so thank you to whoever took this image. It would be nice to see her with her mast stepped and sailing.

Here is the sail and arrangement plan.

A boat of this type would normally be lapstrake but note she is carvel planked. I understand the boat is in the care of Rockport Marine.

Here's a brief article about the boat. Please double click for a readable view. I apologize but it is also of poor quality.

Further reference to this design can be found in the Aage Nielsen book: Worthy of the Sea, pages 44-47.

Principal Dimensions
LOA 15'-1"
LWL 13'-5"
Beam 5'-6"
Draft 2'-3"
Displacement 1,720 lbs